‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’


The following is a proposal for an installation in an interior public space.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ works on 2 assumptions:
One, that many people are familiar with the theatrical significance of a spotlight, and two, that many of these same people are interested in interacting performatively with video imaging technology. 

(This occurs all the time during televised events: a camera swoops over a crowd and people wave, point and jump up and down and look for themselves on the big screen.) 

It is significant to note that this dialogue with ones image takes place largely through movement.  

In ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ the spotlight light and the camera estheticize and re-contextualise the movements of bodies in space.

The 30-second video delay also serves to estheticize and re-contextualise the movements of bodies in space – thru the displacement of time.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ encourages a public dialogue between movement and image by providing an estheticized and mildly technologized environment in which movement and watching movement may occur.